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Q: I entered my user name and password correctly, and PierceOnLine (Moodle) still responds with “invalid login.”?
A: Please make sure you are enrolled in a course which has an online component delivered through PierceOnLine (Moodle). Student PierceOnLine (Moodle) accounts are based upon enrollment in a class which uses PierceOnLine (Moodle), and will only be established after the student has enrolled though the District Student Information System in a course which uses PierceOnLine (Moodle).

Q: I’m new to PierceOnLine (Moodle). Can you please tell me how to use it?
A: We suggest that you go to our Tutorials page (http://online.piercecollege.edu/student_tutorials.html) to learn how to use PierceOnLine (Moodle).

Q: How do I change the email address PierceOnLine (Moodle) uses?
A: Students may change certain profile information, including email. To do so, you must first login to Moodle. Once logged in, click on your name which is located on the right side of the header bar, which will take you to your user profile. Click on the “Edit profile” tab toward the top of the page.

Q: How do I change my PierceOnLine (Moodle) Password?
A: Students passwords are based on the information in the SIS and cannot be changed in PierceOnLine (Moodle). If the password in the SIS is changed it will be updated in PierceOnLine (Moodle).

Q: How do I change my name within PierceOnLine (Moodle)?
A: Names within PierceOnLine (Moodle) are based upon official student registration data with the college and cannot be changed except by changing the information with the Pierce College Admissions and Records office.

Q: How do I change my PierceOnLine (Moodle) login/username?
A: Student login/username for PierceOnLine (Moodle) is their Student ID Number which starts with ‘88’ and cannot be changed.

Q: I forgot my password. What do I do now?
A: For Student accounts the system is currently unable to reset your password. If you have followed the instructions and are still able to log-in contact: onlinehelp@piercecollege.edu or stop by the PierceOnLine office which is located on the 1st Floor of the library Bldg. and is open M-Th 9am -7pm.

For Faculty accounts under the login information click on the 'Lost Password?' link. You will be taken to the “Forgotten password” retrieval page where you will be prompted to either enter username or email address to retrieve your password. After attempting this process, if you continue to have difficulties retrieving your password please contact us at moodle@piercecollege.edu.

Q: Will my old account be deleted?
A: Previous student accounts will not be deleted; however, students will not have access to their prior accounts starting at the beginning of the Spring 2010 semester.

Q: How do I add a class in PierceOnLine (Moodle)? How do I add an online class? How do I get an enrollment key?
A: Students no longer self-enroll in PierceOnLine (Moodle) courses but will be added based upon official registration in the class at the college. That is, in order to be added to a class within PierceOnLine (Moodle), students must first register for the class through the Student Information System.

Q: I registered for a class through the SIS. Why doesn’t PierceOnLine (Moodle) show me as enrolled?
A: PierceOnLine (Moodle) updates occur daily for the first two weeks of the semester, and weekly thereafter. Updates are not real-time. There will be at least a 24 hour delay between registration within SIS and enrollment within PierceOnLine (Moodle).

Q: But, I registered [some period of time] ago, and I’m still not in the class in PierceOnLine (Moodle)?
A: Please make sure your class has an online component which is being delivered through PierceOnLine (Moodle). If it is listed as having a PierceOnLine (Moodle) component, and you are certain you have registered, and it has been the appropriate amount of time, please contact us at onlinehelp@piercecollege.edu.

Q: Do online courses count the same as on campus courses?
A: Yes, online courses count the same as on campus courses.

Q: How much does an online class cost?
A: Online classes are equal to on campus classes. Thus they also cost the same. Please check the Pierce College fees page (http://www.piercecollege.edu/pierce_fees.asp) to get up-to-date fees on classes in Pierce College.

Q: What is the SIS?
A: Student Information System.

Q: What is the Student Information System?
A: The system though which students may add or drop classes, see their class schedule or grades, pay fees, etc.

Q: How do I make all Forum posts come once a day?
A: Follow the steps below...
1. Select "profile" from your course home page or simply click on your name any place that is linked.
2. Select the "edit profile" tab.
3. Under the Edit Profile tab, there is an option that says "email digest type". (If you do not see this, then to the right is a button that says “Show Advanced”. Click on this.
4. By default it is selected as "NO DIGEST" Click the drop down menu and select "Complete (daily email with full posts)" or “Subjects (daily email with subjects only)
5. Next, under Forum auto-subscribe, change the option to read, “No: don’t automatically subscribe me to forums.”
6. At the bottom of the edit profile page, select "Update profile"

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