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Faculty Getting Started
1. If you are using PierceOnLine (Moodle) from a computer that you have not previously used with PierceOnLine, be sure to review the 'System Requirements' to confirm that your browser and computer will work properly.
2. Click in the Login block and enter your Username and Password. If you have forgotten your username/password, Faculty can use the 'Lost password' link. If you are still unable to log in, please send an email to moodle@piercecollege.edu.
3. Once you login to PierceOnLine, you will see a list of courses for which you are the instructor.
Adding Students to Moodle
Students are now added to PierceOnLine (Moodle) courses once they officially enroll in a course through the college. This takes approximately 36 hours (except weekends) from when Admissions processes the Add until the  system is updated. 
Faculty should NOT try to add students in PierceOnLine (Moodle) themselves, as this may result in having duplicates in your course.
If you have verified that a student is officially enrolled in your course and they are not showing up in your PierceOnLine (Moodle) course, please send an email to moodle@piercecollege.edu.
Please indicate your full name, the course name and section number as well as the students full name and Student ID number.
If you are teaching an Online course and would like to process the Add through Admissions by email, you can click below to download instructions:

To add students to an online course you want to send them the following information.  Let them know that once you receive their response and you forward it to admissions, they will not get access to the course for at least 36 hours.

The student must send you an email and then you forward their email to pierceadmissions@piercecollege.edu

Please copy and paste this into the email to the students:  If you want to add online I need you to send me the following information from the email you are registered in the student information system with.

1.  Full Name
2.  Date of Birth
3.  Student ID
4.  Course you are trying to add (course name and number and semester)

For questions regarding officially Adding or Dropping Students please contact Admissions and Records.
Requesting a Course Shell
If you would like a new course shell please click on the link below to submit your request form.
If you have any questions please send an email to moodle@piercecollege.edu.
Faculty Resources
  • There is a resource page specifically for faculty on how to's in Moodle. You need to log in and the page is titled Moodle Faculty Resources.  It is filled with PDF's and video tutorials on how to upload documents, use many Moodle tools and there is a question and answer support forum.
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