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How to use this FAQ: Find your problem, or something similar to your problem, and click on the link to expand or contract the answer. At the end of each question is a link to the Student Help Ticket system. Please read the FAQ before submitting a help ticket; answers to many student help issues are contained in the FAQ.

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Logging Onto PierceOnLine

  • I can't log on to PierceOnLine.
  • I don't know my login ID.

Courses and Getting Around PierceOnLine
  • I can log into Moodle but I can't see my course under "My Courses"
  • I never enrolled in the Online Writing Lab. What is it?

Editing Your Profile
  • How do I change my PierceOnLine Password?
  • How do I make all Forum posts come once a day?

Registration and Costs for Online Classes
Grades and Assessment Scores