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Tips to avoid technical issues at term end
by Wendy Bass - Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 9:05 AM

Final exams are stressful enough without encountering technical issues.  However, this is the time when we are all rushing and forget to follow normal procedures.

Please adhere to the following procedures when taking your Moodle final exams:

  1. Close all web browsers and then open Firefox.
  2. Start your test with a fresh login to Moodle. 
  3. If you must use Internet Explorer, be sure to set your cookies to ACCEPT.
  4. Don't open multiple windows of the same browser while taking a test.  If you must look something up, use a different web browser.  This means take the test in Firefox and look something up in Chrome or Safari or Internet Explorer.  If your teacher has a link in the quiz that opens a new window, get the information you need and then close it before closing your quiz.
  5. Click the NEXT button at the end of each page and at the end of your test.  This saves your answers.
  6. If you are not taking a timed test, click the words Finish Attempt in the Quiz Navigation Block to save your answers but don't click the SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH button that will appear after that.
  7. When ready to submit your final answers, click the SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH button that appears on the final page after you click the NEXT or the Finish Attempt.  Be sure all of the questions have answers.
  8. DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!  It is far wiser to complete your quiz one day in advance of the quiz closing than to wait until the final hour.  Your Internet access could go down or your computer could freeze, or 100 other things could go wrong.  Just don't wait until the last minute and then expect your teacher to be sympathetic to your excuse, especially if you have been given advance notice regarding the test.
  9. IF you experience technical issues, contact your teacher via email and s/he will contact me to resolve the issue.  You can also send me a Moodle help message regarding the problem and I'll look into it.

Best of luck with final exams and have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!